Feb 23

Space Rocket History #383 – Ariel 4, Prospero X-3, Shinsei, Isis-2, And Our 9th Anniversary

“The UK 4 (United Kingdom Research Satellite 4), a.k.a. Ariel 4, was a small observatory designed to investigate the interactions between electromagnetic waves, plasmas, and energetic particles present in the upper ionosphere.” Wikipedia

Ariel 4

Black Arrow

Prospero X-3







Shinsei M-4s



Feb 09

Space Rocket History #382 – Mars 2 & 3 and Luna 18 & 19

This is how Deputy Chief Designer for OKB-1, Boris Chertok described the launch of Mars 3. “The red disk of the Sun was just touching the horizon and dramatically illuminated the rocket as it lifted off with a roar. Separation of the stages took place like a color animation display against the background of the darkened sky.”

Mars 2 & 3 Orbiter

Mars 3 Lander

Mars PrOPM Rover

Jan 26

Space Rocket History #381 – Mariner 8 & 9

Mariner 8 and 9 were virtually identical and designed to continue the atmospheric studies begun by Mariner 6 and 7, and to hopefully map over 70% of the Martian surface.

Mariner 8 and 9 were Identical

Launch of Mariner 9

Parts Diagram of Mariners 8 & 9

Jan 12

Space Rocket History #380 – Apollo 17 – The Finale

The Apollo 17 mission was the most productive and trouble-free piloted mission to the moon and represented the culmination of continual advancements in hardware, procedures, training, planning, operations, and scientific experiments.

Ron Evan’s Spacewalk

Three Good Chutes

Aboard Ticonderoga