Apr 18

Space Rocket History #252 – Apollo 12 – Moonwalk 2 – Part 3 – Rock ‘n’ Roll at Halo Crater

The problem with running into the sun was it was so bright that Conrad and Bean could not see the moon’s surface features until they were right on top of them.

EVA 2 Traverse Map

Conrad’s photo of Bean on the way to Halo Crater

Rock ‘n’ Roll on the Ocean of Storms by Alan Bean

Apr 11

Space Rocket History #251 – Apollo 12 – Moonwalk 2 – Part 2 – Bench and Sharp Craters

While Conrad led the way, Bean watched the ground for something interesting. It wasn’t easy to do field geology while running, and on the moon.

Bench Crater

Apollo 12 Preliminary Science Report

Sharp Crater. 1200 feet from the LM.


Apr 04

Space Rocket History #250 – Apollo 12 – Moonwalk 2 – Part 1 – Head Crater – Tang Ceremony

Pete and Al could not hear the excited shouts of the geologists in the back room down the hall from mission control, but they knew they had found something significant.

Intrepid’s hammocks for sleeping.

Edited traverse map for moonwalk 2. Changes are in black ink.

Gnomon setup at Head Crater. Notice the lighter colored soil that was turned over.

Mar 28

Space Rocket History #249 – Apollo 12 – Moonwalk 1 – Part 3

Most of the remaining moon walk time was spent collecting rock samples, making surface observations such as the small mounds or hills, and taking pictures.

Middle Crescent Crater

“He Ain’t Heavy” Painting by Alan Bean

Pete Conrad working at the MESA