Space Rocket History #12 – Vanguard TV3 – Flopnik

It seemed as if the gates of hell had opened up.  Brilliant stiletto flames shot out from the side of the rocket near the engine. The vehicle agonizingly hesitated for a moment, quivered again, and in front of our unbelieving eyes, began to topple. It sank like a great flaming sword down into the blast tube it toppled slowly breaking apart, hitting part of the test guard and ground with a tremendous roar that could be felt and heard even behind the 2 food concrete wall of the blockhouse. For a moment or two there was complete disbelief. I could see it in the faces. I could feel it myself.”  


Vanguard TV3 Launch


Vanguard TV3 Diagram


Vanguard Satellite

One thought on “Space Rocket History #12 – Vanguard TV3 – Flopnik

  1. Love the comments from the world press to the failure, made me lol. Lots of great snippets in these podcasts, and I really like the fact that you are looking at the wider implications and social influences of the space race, and not just the story of exploration.