Space Rocket History #226 – Apollo 11 – Moon Launch

Until now they had been focused on reaching the moon, landing, taking a walk on its surface, setting up experiments, exploring, and gathering evidence. With those tasks completed and their lunar bounty was board, the top priority was to fly back to Earth.

Rear of the LM ascent stage with Earth beyond

Buzz after his moonwalk

Rocketdyne’s artist concept of the Apollo 11 LM ascent stage launched from the surface of the moon

3 thoughts on “Space Rocket History #226 – Apollo 11 – Moon Launch

  1. Another great episode. I especially enjoyed how you covered Michael Collins’ point of view of this phase of the mission in such detail, not just from the perspective of being alone on the far side of the moon, but the possibility of him having to try to rescue his crewmates, or even having to leave them behind, in the event of a mishap.