Space Rocket History #334 – Soyuz 11 – Death in Space

The recovery team quickly opened the hatch and were shocked to find the men motionless, as if asleep or unconscious.

2 thoughts on “Space Rocket History #334 – Soyuz 11 – Death in Space

  1. Wow – I’m super-impressed and envious of you having a signed edition of ‘Failure is not an Option.’.
    Gene Krantz has always been something of a hero to me – I think his contribution to the successful manned projects has been somewhat under-recognised, at least as far as I can see.
    I see he’s 86 now. There’s something about those NASA people of that era that’s given them a long life – e.g. ‘Chuck’ Berry. Perhaps it’s the satisfaction of undertaking the most difficult project in history and making it so successful.
    Keep up the excellent work and Cheers from the Bottom LH corner of Australia.