Space Rocket History #392 – Skylab – Let’s Call it Skylab

On February 1970, Nasa announced that the AAP had been renamed.  America’s first space station would enter the history books as Skylab.

Mockup of LM Apollo Telescope Mount. Credit Shayler

AAP Cluster Experiments for Wet OWS. Credit Shayler

OWS-                           Waste Mgmt.(left). Food Mgmt.(right). Credit Shayler

4 thoughts on “Space Rocket History #392 – Skylab – Let’s Call it Skylab

  1. You might want to find some space audio snippets from the 70s for the podcast intro,to reflect that the podcast is now up to 1973. 🙂

  2. As always I enjoyed this episode and as someone who’s been following the space program since the mid Sixties, and read countless books about it I continue to learn new details about the missions.
    But what sets your podcasts apart are the details of what didn’t happen – the changes that led to the missions as history records them often ending up differently to how the initial planning envisioned them. Cases in point are the wet launch/dry launch debate in Skylab’s case and the Dyna-soar dead end.
    By the way, I started listening to the podcasts in the early days – Episode 55 in March 2014, according to my Windows Explorer folder and then listened to the earlier ones as well. Consequently, I have all 392 episodes on my hard disc. According to Windows Explorer they add up to 246 hours and 50 minutes or 10.3 days of continuous listening!
    If ever you get to the end of the space program (unlikely) or just get sick of the hard work that’s obviously involved . . . well, I’ll just go back and listen to them all again!
    Cheers from Perth, Western Australia.