Feb 18

Space Rocket History #433 – Skylab – Crashdown

Despite predictions, events seldom occur precisely as expected. The calculated breakup altitude of Skylab was based on its intended structural strength specifications. However, the actual vehicle was stronger than the specified strength requirements.

Mgrs. & Controllers Monitor Re-entry

Garriott with Oxygen Tank Debris. Credit David Hitt

Ground-track of Skylab final passes.

Jan 05

Space Rocket History #430 – Skylab – Skylab 4 – Leaving Skylab

Activating the station upon arrival was a challenge, but packing up to return home was also a major event that took several days. For Carr and his crew, this was the last planned visit, but they left open the possibility of a return visit at some point in the future.

Departure Fly-around

Splashdown Skylab 4

Gibson-Pogue-Carr on Recovery Ship

Dec 15

Space Rocket History #429 – Skylab – Skylab 4 – Solar Observations and the Last EVA

The next time an American would venture outside of a spacecraft would be on a Space Shuttle flight and that was nine years later. In less than a decade, from June 1965 to February 1974, American astronauts had learned to effectively work in Earth orbit, had left their footprints on the moon, and had walked in space. 

Skylab – Solar Flare

Skylab Spacewalk

Skylab Spacewalk

Dec 01

Space Rocket History #428 – Skylab – Skylab 4 – Kohoutek in all its Glory

This crew was the first to celebrate a new year in space 17 times as they orbited the earth and moved through the time zones.


Skylab Food & Tray

Trash Air Lock over the LOX Tank