Mar 01

Space Rocket History #409 – Skylab – Skylab 2 – Days 8-23

“Houston, Skylab. I’d like you to be the first to know that the PLT is the proud father of a genuine flare.” Joe Kerwin

Pete’s New Way to Ride the Bike. credit Shayler

The Skylab 500. Credit Shayler

The Skylab 500. Credit Shayler

Apollo Telescope Mount

Apollo Telescope Mount

Feb 01

Space Rocket History #407 – Skylab – “We Can Fix Anything”

During the stand up EVA, Kerwin held Weitz while he pulled at the debris several times which disturbed the stability of the Skylab station and caused the Skylabs gyros to compensate. This was a big problem because it nearly pulled Weitz out of the hatch.

Parasol Deployment

Solar Wing EVA

Solar Wing EVA

Parasol Installed and Wing Extended

Nov 16

Space Rocket History #402 – Skylab – Training Part 2

The backup crew and some support crew participated in an interesting rescue scenario with 2 astronauts flying to Skylab to take back the crew of 3 onboard Skylab. This would mean 5 astronauts returning to earth in the command module.

Neutral Buoyancy Simulator at MSFC

Gibson Training at ATM Simulator

3rd Crew at Mission Training and Simulation Facility at JSC

Nov 02

Space Rocket History #401 – Skylab – Training Part 1

Aside from physically training for the longest crewed missions that the United States had ever attempted, the actual training program was developed simultaneously with the hardware and experiments for the mission.

Skylab 2 Crew Pre-launch Training

Conrad Training

Conrad Training in the MDA