May 03

Space Rocket History #413 – Skylab – Skylab 3-Rendezvous, Docking & Vomit

Garriott was in the center couch and Lousma was on his right with a small window near his seat, Suddenly Jack announced, “Owen, there goes one of our thrusters floating by the window!”

Skylab 3 Emblem for Second Crew

Service Module Quad Thruster. Credit: Historic Spacecraft

Second Crew Approaches Skylab


Apr 19

Space Rocket History #412 – Skylab – The Launch of Skylab 3

The crew complement for the Skylab 3 mission was 783 life forms (52 fish, 720 flies, 6 mice, 2 spiders and 3 humans), by far the largest crew yet.

Skylab 3 Astronauts. Bean, Lousma, Garriott

Leaving for the pad

Launch of Skylab 3

Oct 05

Space Rocket History #399 – Skylab – The Astronauts Part 4 – Lousma & Carr

Carr was in the likely crew rotation position to serve as lunar module pilot for Apollo 19 and walk on the Moon before the mission was canceled by NASA in 1970.

Lousma in Lower Body Neg. Press. Device

Gerald Carr

Carr Demonstrates Weightlessness by Balancing Pogue on his Finger