Oct 19

Space Rocket History #425 – Skylab – Skylab 4 – The Strike (Fake News)

“There was no strike in space by any stretch of the imagination. What could we threaten to do, go live on the moon? If any of these writers had gotten their information from just one of us, the crew or other people directly involved, responsible reporting and validity would have prevailed over expediency and sensationalism.” Ed Gibson.

Gibson Going Thru the Dome Hatch

Crew Photo

Gibson Prepares His Meal

Oct 06

Space Rocket History #424 – Skylab – Skylab 4 – Stowaways & We Lost Gibson

One stowaway was on the bicycle ergometer, another was in the LBNP (lower body negative pressure device), and the third was sitting on the toilet in the waste management compartment.

Stowaway 1

Stowaway 2

Third Crew Emblem

Sep 22

Space Rocket History #423 – Skylab – Skylab 4 – Launch & The Vomit Bag Scandal

“As we rode, the big blue eyes of Al Shepard bored into each of us looking for any sign of weakness, any indication that one of these rookies was not ready to go. I looked back with a defiant smile, ‘Not you, Big Al, or anyone else is getting my seat!” Ed Gibson on the van ride to the pad.

Preflight Press Conference

Launch of Skylab 4

Command Mod. Docked

Sep 07

Space Rocket History #422 – Skylab – Skylab 4 – Kohoutek, Experiments, Flight Prep & Training

In space, on the day the second crew left Skylab, which was September 25, 1973, the orbital workshop began it’s third unmanned period.

Third Crew-Carr, Gibson, Pogue


Third Crew Training