Nov 02

Space Rocket History #401 – Skylab – Training Part 1

Aside from physically training for the longest crewed missions that the United States had ever attempted, the actual training program was developed simultaneously with the hardware and experiments for the mission.

Skylab 2 Crew Pre-launch Training

Conrad Training

Conrad Training in the MDA

Oct 05

Space Rocket History #399 – Skylab – The Astronauts Part 4 – Lousma & Carr

Carr was in the likely crew rotation position to serve as lunar module pilot for Apollo 19 and walk on the Moon before the mission was canceled by NASA in 1970.

Lousma in Lower Body Neg. Press. Device

Gerald Carr

Carr Demonstrates Weightlessness by Balancing Pogue on his Finger

Oct 10

Space Rocket History #273 – Apollo 13 – Free Return – Part 3

Lovell toggled the “master arm” switch to On and glanced around to see if everything else was in order. Guidance control was set to “Primary Guidance”; thrust control was on “Auto”; engine gimbals were enabled; the propellant quantity, temperature, and pressure looked good; the ship was maintaining the correct attitude.

John Aaron – Steely Eyed Missle Man

Glynn Lunney – Flight Director

Gerry Griffin – Flight Director