Space Rocket History #414 – Skylab – Skylab 3 – Rescue Mission Part 1

“I think for me that was probably the low point of the mission because it threatened our ability to get our job done, and I wasn’t willing to come home.  I’ve never been afraid of space, but that was a fear that I had (losing the mission) more than anything else.” Jack Lousma

Five Seat Skylab Rescue Command Module

Skylab Rescue Mission Crew-Vance Brand, Don Lind

Multiple Docking Adapter


One thought on “Space Rocket History #414 – Skylab – Skylab 3 – Rescue Mission Part 1

  1. Mike:
    I’m really enjoying the Skylab episodes. There’s so information out there about the Apollo moon missions, and everything leading up to them, that it seems the Skylab flights often get lost in the mix. The repair of Skylab itself and the preparations for a possible rescue mission are as big a testament to the NASA’s engineering capabilities as the more-famous Apollo 13 mission.

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