Apr 19

Space Rocket History #437 – Mariner 10 – Venus & Mercury

Scientists had long been intrigued by Mercury, the innermost planet of our solar system. Despite its proximity to the Sun, Mercury remained largely unexplored, with many questions remaining about its surface features, geological composition, and magnetic field. The scientific community recognized the need for a dedicated mission to study Mercury up close and unlock its secrets.

Mariner 10 with Instruments Labeled

Mariner 10's view of Venus

Mariner 10’s view of Venus

Mariner 10’s Second Flyby of Mercury Showing Equator to South Pole


Mar 09

Space Rocket History #384 – Pioneer 10

Launched in 1972 and weighing 258 kilograms (569 pounds), Pioneer 10 completed the first mission to the planet Jupiter and became the first of five artificial objects to achieve the escape velocity needed to leave the Solar System.