Feb 15

Space Rocket History #408 – Skylab – Skylab 2 – Days 2-7 & 10th Anniversary Celebration

NASA’s first priority was to get Skylab back into solar inertial attitude.  This was both the coolest attitude and would point the Apollo Telescope Mount (ATM) solar arrays directly at the sun. Thus the crew would have the most electrical power possible with the solar wing still stuck.

Pete in the Lower Body Negative Pressure Experiment

Paul Uses Bicycle Ergometer

Paul at the Apollo Telescope Mount (ATM) Console

Feb 01

Space Rocket History #407 – Skylab – “We Can Fix Anything”

During the stand up EVA, Kerwin held Weitz while he pulled at the debris several times which disturbed the stability of the Skylab station and caused the Skylabs gyros to compensate. This was a big problem because it nearly pulled Weitz out of the hatch.

Parasol Deployment

Solar Wing EVA

Solar Wing EVA

Parasol Installed and Wing Extended