Jul 05

Space Rocket History #442 – Salyut 4 – Soyuz 17 with Gubarev & Grechko

The crew of Soyuz 17 embarked on a historic 29-day mission, surpassing the previous Soviet mission-duration record of 23 days set by the Soyuz 11 crew aboard Salyut 1 in 1971.

Soyuz 17 on Pad. Credit Space Facts

Flight Eng. Georgy Grechko

Cmd. Aleksei Gubarev

Jun 15

Space Rocket History #441 – Salyut 4

The Salyut 4 space station, designated DOS-4, marked the second phase of the Soviet Union’s civilian space station program. It was an improved version of the failed Salyut 2 station, with several notable enhancements.

Salyut Stations

Salyut 4

Salyut 4