Jul 26

Space Rocket History #419 – Skylab – Skylab 3 – Those Tricky Garriotts

“Hello Houston. Roger. Well I, haven’t talked with you for a while. Isn’t that you down there. Bob? This is Helen, here in Skylab. The boys hadn’t had a good home cooked meal in so long, I  thought I’d bring one up. Over” Helen Garriott

Bean Reading Teleprinter Message.

Bean on EVA 3

Reaching For The Stars. Credit Al Bean

Jul 13

Space Rocket History #418 – Skylab – Skylab 3 – AMU, EVA 2, Space Physics, Solar Physics and Mission Extension

On mission day 28, August 24th 1973, it was time to perform the 2nd EVA.  Garriott and Lousma once again stepped outside the orbital workshop for a 4 and ½ hour spacewalk.

Lousma Tests the Astronaut Maneuvering Unit

Bean Tests the Foot Controlled Maneuvering Unit

Solar Flare Captured from Skylab

Jun 28

Space Rocket History #417 – Skylab – Skylab 3 – Maximum Effort, Determination, Efficiency, and Accomplishment

Finally, the crew became efficient enough to get all of the work done that was scheduled for a given day. But, that did not make up for the time lost at the beginning of the mission.  Reaching 100 percent efficiency was not enough for Bean.

Bean Reading in His Bed on the Wall

Al Bean Reading in His Bed on the Wall

Garriott at the ATM Console

Jun 14

Space Rocket History #416 – Skylab – Skylab 3 – Wives, Spiders, Minnows and a Spacewalk

“I had to connect eleven five-foot sections of aluminum poles, twice, forming two long poles. These were then extended to Jack some forty or fifty feet away, where the poles were mounted in a ‘V’, and a large ‘sail’ pulled across them with nylon lines.” Owen Garriott

Arabella’s First Web in Space

Lousma Begins Twin-pole Shield EVA

Twin-pole Shield Installed