May 03

Space Rocket History #413 – Skylab – Skylab 3-Rendezvous, Docking & Vomit

Garriott was in the center couch and Lousma was on his right with a small window near his seat, Suddenly Jack announced, “Owen, there goes one of our thrusters floating by the window!”

Skylab 3 Emblem for Second Crew

Service Module Quad Thruster. Credit: Historic Spacecraft

Second Crew Approaches Skylab


Apr 19

Space Rocket History #412 – Skylab – The Launch of Skylab 3

The crew complement for the Skylab 3 mission was 783 life forms (52 fish, 720 flies, 6 mice, 2 spiders and 3 humans), by far the largest crew yet.

Skylab 3 Astronauts. Bean, Lousma, Garriott

Leaving for the pad

Launch of Skylab 3

Apr 05

Space Rocket History #411 – Skylab – Skylab 2 – Splashdown

Before the astronauts could leave there was one final problem to solve. Skylab’s refrigeration system began warming up. Houston immediately went to work on finding a solution. Now, there was some concern that the crews return would be delayed.

Leaving Skylab


Crew Egress

Mar 16

Space Rocket History #410 – Skylab – Skylab 2 – Days 24-28

On Mission day 25, the crew was informed that they had surpassed the Russian space endurance record set by Soyuz 11 on Salyut 1 in 1971.

Sleep Compartment. Credit Shayler

Personal Hygiene. Credit Shayler

Waste Management. Credit Shayler

Trash Airlock. Credit Shayler

Trash Airlock. Credit NASA