Aug 10

Space Rocket History #395 – Skylab – The Tour Part 2

Skylab had three bedrooms or sleep compartments, one for each astronaut aboard.  To save space, the beds were arranged vertically in the quarters. 

Garriott in Sleep Compartment

Skylab Toliet

Lousma in Shower

Jul 27

Space Rocket History #394 – Skylab – The Tour Part 1

As a crew would approach Skylab in their Apollo Command Module, they would see its docking port that was called the Multiple Docking Adapter or MDA. 

Skylab Cutaway

Orbital Workshop Cutaway

Entry to the Workshop. Notice Lockers

Jul 13

Space Rocket History #393 – Skylab – Soyuz Mission

During 1970-1972, a possible fourth “new” docking mission with Skylab was considered. This new mission would not be just another Apollo docking, instead it was a radically different idea. 

Possible Soyuz-Skylab Docking Mission. Credit Shayler

Skylab Multiple Docking Adapter. Credit Shayler

Full Scale Skylab Test Article. Credit Shayler

Jun 29

Space Rocket History #392 – Skylab – Let’s Call it Skylab

On February 1970, Nasa announced that the AAP had been renamed.  America’s first space station would enter the history books as Skylab.

Mockup of LM Apollo Telescope Mount. Credit Shayler

AAP Cluster Experiments for Wet OWS. Credit Shayler

OWS-                           Waste Mgmt.(left). Food Mgmt.(right). Credit Shayler